Starfleet Ball 11 DVD

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Starfleet Ball 11 DVD

Starfleet Ball 11 DVD contains 3 discs

All the best bits of The Eleventh Annual SF Ball are packed onto this triple DVD set! It includes many of the guest talks in their entirety, plus trailers, frag videos and more! The guests were Patrick Stewart (Picard), Jonathan Frakes (Riker), Claudia Christian (Ivanova, Babylon 5), Chris Owens (Spender, The X Files), Leni Parker (Da’an, Earth Final Conflict), Anita La Selva (Zo’or, EFC), Lawrence Monoson (Enterprise) and Tucker Smallwood (Enterprise).


Disc 1: The Shows - Opening Ceremony, Friday Night, Saturday Night, Fantasy Fortunes and Sunday night Karaoke (including a star packed singalong!)
Disc 2: The Girls - Talks by Claudia Christian, Leni Parker and Anita La Selva.
Disc 3: The Boys - Clips of Jonathan Frakes, Patrick Stewart, talks by Chris Owens, Lawrence Monoson and Tucker Smallwood, plus the Closing Ceremony.


Please note: At the request of the artists, this set does not contain the full talks by Patrick Stewart or Jonathan Frakes. Brief highlights are included and all other guest talks are included in full.


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